Human Eye Shape Types


Emmetropia refers to an eye with a cornea and lens that focuses light exactly on the retina. The regular human eyeball measures about 24-25 millimeters in diameter, or approximately 1 inch, based on T. Montgomery, optometric doctor. The eye is slightly flattened at the front and back in a nearly spherical shape.

Elongated Eyeball

About 30 percent of people are myopic, meaning that their eyeball is longer than normal -- or that their cornea is curved more than ordinary -- reports the American Optometric Association (AOA). When the light beams fall before the eye, the retina makes it easy to see near things, but hard to see things far away.

Shortened Eyeball

Hyeropia appears in individuals whose eyeballs are shorter than standard, or that have too little curvature to the cornea. Light beams are focused behind the retina, which makes it simple to see faraway items, but challenging to see nearby objects, based on CNN how to improve eyesight fast Health.

Astigmatic Eye

In astigmatism, the shape and period of the eyeball are normal, but the curvature of the cornea or the lens is unusual. These constructions are normally spherical, but with individuals who have an astigmatism, the cornea or lens are either football or cylinder shaped. As eyesight improvement stated by the CNN Health site, the curvature creates blurriness which is generally more pronounced in a diagonal, horizontal or vertical direction.

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